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My name is Mikhail Kutuzov, currently I live in Almaty.                                             2018
I have taken English classes from Michael Robtoy last year. He is an amazing teacher. Because of him I started to speak and understand English. This program for studying online is great opportunity for all young people living in Kazakhstan. Everyone who attend online program can study and work the same time. Don't miss your chance.
I want to tell you about my educational experience. I have graduated from a governmental university in Kazakhstan. Currently I'm studying in a online university abroad. I'll say you, you can not compare this two universities together. There is absolutely different quality of education. Make a wise choice 😉

Thanks Misha! You are a great student. Misha is studying in the same University where all my students will be studying!

Ilyas  Assanov                            2015 KBTU
Я занимался у Майкла, он носитель настоящего американского языка, помимо этого он разговаривает на русском! Кто кто, а Майкл на самом деле знает как это сложно учить иностранный язык и обязательно поможет разобраться своим студентам. Всем рекомендую! Я занимался всего 2 месяца, но практику speaking и listening получил с лихой. Спасибо Майкл!

Thanks Ilyas! You should write in English! :) I now have a great course in writing.

D. S.                                      2015. I took Summer Intensive English program at KBTU.

I'm KBTU student and currently working in the bank. My English level is Advanced C1 based on British Council IELTS Test.
This program was superb and super fun. Actually it gave me the chance to apply to KBTU and study there. Before class my English was pretty bad. After 1 month intensive English I took KBTU IELTS test and got the point I needed. Can't forget the Movie Night with crew and Michael!

Thanks D.S.! We did have a lot of fun. I always say that learning should be fun. It would be really fun to get all my former students together for a movie night!

My name is Leila. I am working in Haileybury Almaty as a support teacher, and my most recent IELTS score is 6.5.
In 2014 I was volunteering in the American-Kazakh Center for Business and Education as an English teacher and dance teacher. So, it was my first experience of teaching English. And I am so grateful for this because later I was able to find a full-time job or apply to Haileybury Almaty.
In 2014 there were on-going English lessons in the centre, and Mr Robtoy allowed me to observe some of his teaching and get experience out of it.

Thanks Leila! I really enjoyed watching you develop your talent of working with children. Keep up the good work! I look forward to working with you again.

Меня зовут Самат Калиев, я являюсь работником АО "Tengri Bank" уровень моего английского Elementary                     С начало 2019г. по текущее время... В АО "Tengri Bank"
Привет, Michael! Если Вы читаете данный комментарий, то хотел бы выразить Вам благодарность. Спасибо, за Вашу практику английского языка с помощью которого, я могу вести на английском (пока не сложный, но это пока!) диалог. Также отмечу то что Ваши занятия проходят всегда разнообразно и увлекательно, что позволяет хорошо усваивать материалы. Удачи Вам в новой программе! С Уважением, Самат

Thanks Samat! I really enjoy helping students who work hard and show that they want to study. I wish you continual success. Don't forget your homework!

 Arailym B                                 2015 or 2016 Michael is not a boring teacher. He indeed is a broad-minded person. That why our classes were full of interesting discussions. The level of my speaking has improved significantly. Thank you, Mike

Thank you Arailym! I hope that your English is still improving! Yes, we do like to talk in our classes.